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Get a FREE Lets Encrypt SSL certificate on all domains
Get a FREE domain*

The advanced hosting package provides all the features of our standard package, but with advanced collaborative mail accounts in addition to more cloud space. This hosting option is an alternative to “Hosted Exchange / Exchange 365 / Outlook 365 / Google’s business GMAIL”, and provides full integration of all mail features, online to all devices.

You can view your calendar, add meetings, access your contacts, get information from the Global Address List, see if an office resource is booked, synchronized to all devices. Your smartphone becomes your mobile office. This option is ideal for individuals or companies who require full collaborated functionality from their mail.


* Terms & Conditions apply
(All packages have unlimited bandwidth. Cloud space over the set limits is soft capped, so it still functions 100%. Over usage gets calculated at R3.90 per GB at invoice date)
Pay annually and get one free month!


  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited* Traffic
  • Collaborative Email
  • WordPress Installer
  • MySQL 5.7
  • MS SQL 2014
  • 99.999 up-time
  • SSD storage

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  • 99.99% uptime
  • Weekly auto backups
  • Lets encrypt SSL
  • No contracts
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Firewall
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 24/7 support
  • MS SQL, MySQL, php
  • Spam filtering & anti-virus
  • Web statistics
  • Popular frameworks
  • Free setup
  • Mail management
  • Webmail



  • WordPress 5.x
  • DNN (9.x)
  • .NET 4.8
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • MVC Core
  • CORE 3.1



  • Firewall
  • Auto Backups
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • UPS/ Generators (Internet Solutions)
  • 24/7 Support


  • Microsoft MS SQL 2014
  • MySQL 5.x
  • phpMyAdmin
  • MSSSMS (remote access)

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supported technologies


There are many reasons why you should host with us, but we think the following should be highlighted and sets us apart from the rest.

We give you more of what you want: more speed, more support, more reliability and more expertise. And your customers get what they want: the fastest possible connection to your site.

We’ve been growing our hosting infrastructure since 2000. We’ve got dedicated SAN devices, DNS servers, Mail Clusters, Powerful Database instances, Virtual and Physical Servers, all hosted in Hetzner Data Denter (Midrand Gauteng), with full redundancy. In simple terms, that means we’re ready to support you now and into the future ? whatever it holds. See our SLA.

Because we design and develop websites in-house we know what works best when it comes to hosting your website. We’re experts in design, development and hosting, which makes us your one-stop website shop.

We don’t do contracts. You can cancel at any time by giving us one month’s written notice, but with perks like free upgrades or downgrades at any time, we’d like to think that we’ll be in this together for the long run.

Our stable, reliable hosting panel is equipped with step-by-step help to assist you do pretty much anything on line.

FTP, File Manager, Stats, CMS installer including the very popular WORDPRESS installer, Email management, Web Server settings, database management and so much more.

You can host your Linux websites such as WordPress CMS and ASP.NET MVC sites including DotNetNuke ? all on the same hosting panel.

Our enterprise mail (MailEnable) is absolutely awesome, with integrated spam filters, forwarding, out-of-office, catch-all function to name but a few. We even have an option for full mail collaboration when using the advanced (ICEWARP) hosting.

If you choose to go this route, your advanced (ICEWARP) mail server is online, with shared or personal calendars, tasks, global address lists, office resources, active device sync exchange, instant messaging, online web meetings, outlook integration or outlook replacement, with own desktop client for PC and Mac, and so much more! With no more dedicated exchange administrative work required, you can get ready for a whole new level of productivity.

All Red Cactus hosting features are web-based and can be controlled and managed by you 24/7, you don’t even have to contact us. It’s all self-help, with lots of help!


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