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Domain name search and registrations

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After successful registration, renewal or transfer of Global domain extensions (TLD’s), e.g .com, .net, .org, etc. the domain owner (registrant) will receive an Email to verify ownership of the domain, while confirming the Email address linked to the domain is correct.


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Domain Features

Below are just some of the features our domain services offer.  You have full control over your domain and where it points.  As an accredited domain registrar with ZACR and OpenSRS you can rest assured that your domain is in safe hands.

Name server management

Whether you are making use of our DNS or pointing to another provider for certain services, you will always have full access to manage your domain and update the name servers according to your needs.

Domain Pointing

This is a useful feature when you plan to point your domain to an existing website.  

FREE Domain Parking

If you are not ready to launch a site or make use of your domain for Email purposes, you can simply park the domain, for as long as you like, until you are ready to launch.

Automatic domain renewal

Never miss a renewal and risk losing your sought after domain name.  For this reason automatic renewal is enabled by default.  You can change this any time from the client area.

Which Extension should I Choose?

Local Domain extensions

The type of domain extension used today is not bound to a specific area or country and although majority local domain registrations still consist of a .co.za extension, it is highly recommended to also register the international TLD’s (Top Level Domain) to secure your unique domain identity.

Global domain extensions (TLD)

Global domain extensions, such as .com, .org, .net and .biz are no longer part of the “holy grail” as many individuals, businesses and companies make use of alternative domain extensions, seeing that the above TLD extensions you are searching for might have been taken.  Domain extensions like .online, .africa, .school and .host are widely accepted across the board.

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