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We can help you transfer your existing domain to Red Cactus. It’s free and secure… No contracts here.

Step 1
Please submit existing host panel details securely on below form
Step 2

Create a new profile and add hosting of your choice

Step 3

Website files, databases and e-Mails are transferred.

Step 4
Please accept transfer request, sent to registrant e-Mail
Step 5

Done! Please look out for new hosting account details

Securely submit your host panel details below:

Domain Transfer

Prefer to do everything yourself?

We will forward documentation to update your settings and passwords (if required)

Kindly familiarize yourself with the following:

  1. Domain(s) should only be transferred once the Email accounts have been set up, database(s) restored and website files uploaded.
  2. Please ensure your domain is UNLOCKED and status set to OK.
  3. Kindly ensure that the REGISTRANT e-Mail is updated in order to receive the transfer request.
  4. .com/.net/.org domains usually take up to 7 days to transfer, while additional validation is required.
  5. Please obtain the relevant AUTH CODE (EPP code) from your existing host, should it be required to transfer your domain.
  6. Please visit our Knowledge Base for any web-hosting and Email support related assistance
  7. Alternatively you can contact support and we will give you a nudge in the right direction should your query relate to any 3rd party application(s) causing an issue on your computer and/or mobile device.
  8. During a domain’s grace period, i.e. first 60 days after registration, it cannot be transferred away, although you can update the name servers to those of Red Cactus.