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IceWarp is a real collaborative hosted email solution.

Icewarp is one of the best mail servers available today, often compared to arguably, the best mail server, Microsoft Exchange. Both ticks almost all the feature boxes, and runs like well-oiled machines. The main reason why we make Icewarp mail server available to you is because of the cost benefit compared to Exchange server.

We offer you a free 30 day trial with this product to see for yourself how effective and seamlessly it gets the job done. In addition to the normal, and very long list of features, Icewarp is an absolute joy from an administrator point of view, be it a very small organization or a corporate. Red Cactus provides Icewarp as an ideal online collaborative hosted email solution at about 1 quarter of the price compared to Microsoft Exchange and some other options such as Google’s business mail.

In summary, Icewarp will provide you with all the email protocols available to run mail, on any of your devices, including Mac’s (desktops / tablets / phones) and personal computers (Windows / Linux). You can access your mail using native applications such as Mac Mail or install a custom one such as Outlook , Thunderbird or even use the awesome Icewarp Desktop Client. Your mobile device can by synchronized using active sync that run on Windows, iOS and android phones. Synchronization does not just include the e-mails, but your whole office, including calendars, contacts and task lists.

Book your appointment on your mobile device and your office boardroom calendar automatically synchronizes the booking, no more double bookings. You can even book your office car (resources), or have your assistant schedule a company meeting while seeing everyone’s free busy schedule.

  • Instant messenger is included, so you can normalize this in your office without wasting company resources.
  • You can even integrate your VOIP with this solution.
  • All spam is fully managed for you, but can be customized.
  • No VPN, dedicated IP addresses or additional sign in is required to now read your mail and manage your life from anywhere.
  • Ask yourself why settle for basic IMAP and POP when you can remove the risk of data loss when your laptop gets “lost”?
  • Get mail on steroids and manage your email, files, contacts, calendar and more on any device efficiently and cost effectively!

icewarp vs exchange

Public & Private Channels
Free Guest Access
API Integration with Web Applications
Real-time Active Directory Sync
Video & Voice Calls (one-on-one)
Screen Sharing
Private Instant Messaging
Spam Filtering
Integrated Antivirus
Online Help
Office Hours Support
24/7 Phone Support
Apps & Mobile Access
IceWarp Desktop Office (Desktop Client, Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations)
Desktop Documents Editing
Desktop Spreadsheets Editing
Desktop Presentations Editing
FileSync client for Windows OneDrive
FileSync client for Mac OneDrive
FileSync client for Linux
Mobile Messenger App for iOS Skype
Windows Outlook Compatibility
MacOS Compatibility
Exchange ActiveSync support for mobile devices
Remote Configuration App for Windows
E-mail, Calendaring & Integration
Max. Number of Domains Unlimited
Max. Number of Users Unlimited
Active Directory Support (with SSO)
Contacts, Shared and Public (GAL)
Calendars & Resource Management
Tasks & Notes
API Integration with External Systems
FTP Access
White Label (for ISPs and enterprise customers)
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