Email on Apple devices (iPhone / iPad)


    What are my e-Mail settings?

    Please navigate to WEBMAIL AND SETTINGS, insert your e-Mail address or domain name and you will be provided with the webmail URL for your e-Mail as well as the recommended settings as per example below:

    Your webmail: Please refer to
    Username: (john.doe should be your email, i.e. info)
    Password: Forgot Password? Reset this here (Legace Clients)
    WHMCS and Direct Admin reset password here
    Plesk host panel reset password here

    Should I use POP or IMAP?  Red Cactus will always recommend IMAP with SSL enabled.
    The difference between Pop3 and imap.
    Follow this link to setup an EXCHANGE account on your APPLE device or continue below to setup an IMAP account.
    1. Select “SETTINGS” from your iPhone App menu.


    3. Select “ADD ACCOUNT”,

    then click on “OTHER”,

    then “ADD MAIL ACCOUNT”.

    The “NEW ACCOUNT” screen should appear blank

    Kindly complete the blank fields and click on “NEXT”.  Please insert your own account details.

    4. On the New Account screen, preferably choose “IMAP” and enter the details for Name (e.g John Smith), eMail (e.g and Description (e.g

    5. Under Incoming Mail Server, enter details for Host Name (view your host name), User Name ( and your Password.
    Please note that the Outgoing Mail Server details should be the same as above, for Host Name (click here for host name), User Name ( and Password.
    Then click on Save / Next at the top right of the screen.

    6. The account should start verifying.

    7. This will then add your mail account and it will be listed under “ACCOUNTS”. Press the account name (e.g to configure further settings.

    8. Click the “ADVANCED” option.

    9. Please ensure that the “INCOMING SERVER” is set to “Server Port” 993 and “Use SSL” is ENABLED. Click on “ACCOUNT” (top left corner) to return to previous menu.

    10. Now select “SMTP” in order to access Outgoing settings.

    11. The Host Name should be “view your Host Name” while the “OUTGOING SERVER” is set to “Server Port” 465 and “Use SSL” enabled.

    12. Finally click “DONE” (Top right corner).

    Congratulations! Your Red Cactus email account has been added to your Apple iPhone/iPad device.

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