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with reseller hosting!

For the BEST reseller hosting in South Africa, we have included SERIOUS billing & with optional SERIOUS support, you are FREE to focus on what you do best – get more clients!

Profit is what it’s all about!

With our Shared Reseller Hosting Packages that is all you have to focus on!

When you take advantage of our White-label Billing System and optional White-label Client Support, you won’t have any additional admin to clutter your focus. Your business can grow seamlessly while you expand your client base…

With NO LIMITS* on the amount of domains and/or user accounts you can have, your business has the opportunity to grow exponentially.

What are the benefits of Reseller Hosting?

Our reseller hosting in South Africa offers individuals and small businesses the opportunity to either start a small venture or expand their existing client services and/or products.

White label reseller hosting explained:

  1. Resellers can resell disk space to their clients with a reasonable margin using their own company branding.  
  2. Resellers are also able to sell value added services, like SSL certificates, Hosted exchange (IceWarp), Virtual servers (VPS), Domain registrations, maintenance retainers, etc. 
  3. It remains the responsibility of the provider to ensure that the hosting infrastructure is secure, maintained, updated and optimized.  

What’s in it for me?

  1. Red Cactus reseller hosting in South Africa also offers a FREE billing system with automated provisioning of hosting services and domain management.
  2. In order to compete with the established brands in the industry we offer optional white label reseller support. 
  3. Our comprehensive knowledge base is also aimed at providing reseller clients an easy-to-use self-help platform that is always evolving.

The above example is based on a typical Shared Reseller hosting package, charging each client R75 per month, and operating within the allocated space.

Different scenarios based on a per month cost of R75 per client to show the profit possibilites.
The above are only projections. All packages are white label, and resellers can structure them however they please.

Automate and manage your client domains, web-hosting and billing!


only R99 per month

Why offer reseller hosting in South Africa?

Receive Unlimited Traffic

Never worry about the amount of traffic your clients generate as we provide you with unlimited traffic. Traffic is also known as your bandwidth.

FREE White Label Billing system included

Automate invoicing, billing, hosting provisioning and domain management, while you focus on new sign-ups.

Unlimited Domains* / Websites

No limits here, just keep adding new domains to your hearts’ content. There is also no limit on the amount of websites you can publish.

Unlimited user accounts

DirectAdmin and Solid CP do not set limits on the amount of users you can sign up.

Unlimited MySQL / MS SQL databases

Unlimited databases and associated users may be created in your reseller profile.

Unlimited Mail Accounts

Unlimited mail accounts is an absolute must to allow you to grow your customer base exponentially.

Direct Admin / Solid CP / MSP Control Panel

We are constantly evolving to give you the best tools to service your clients and grow your business.

Optional White Label Client Support

We offer paid support for Reseller clients. Resellers can then focus on growing their business, while our “white-label” support team takes care of client queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “white-label” billing system?

Our invoicing, billing, hosting and domains provisioning system allows for seamless automation of your client’s services and the best part is that they will only see your company details on all communication. The Billing system will also only reflect your company logo.

What about support? Do you offer support for reseller clients?

We offer paid support for Reseller clients. Resellers can then focus on growing their business, while our “white-label” support team takes care of client queries. Resellers can either choose to opt-in for our support or make use of our support credit system for ad-hoc requests, should you prefer to offer your clients support.

What are your payment options for Resellers and Clients?

Our reseller hosting in South Africa offers a pre-paid / top-up account for our resellers to process certain services, such as domain renewals and registrations. Reseller clients can choose between EFT or card payments.  We make use of Payfast for secure online payments.

Can a reseller suspend client accounts?

Yes, the billing system allows for resellers to temporarily suspend client accounts until payment is received.

How do resellers register domains?

Domains are registered through Red Cactus Software as we are a registrar. You do not require any additional services to register domains. Any domains registered will be deducted from your top-up account.

Will clients have their own login credentials?

Yes, the idea of reselling is to allow clients to manage their own services. They will be able to make online payments via their account, register domains and upgrade/downgrade their hosting to name a few examples.

Can a reseller upgrade their hosting as they grow?

Yes, you can upgrade your disk space, free of charge anytime and once you have reached 100 domains, migrate to a reseller VPS.

Which host panels do you support?

We currently suppport the following host panels:
Direct Admin (Linux)
Plesk (Windows) [SeriousBilling coming soon]
SolidCP (Windows)
MSPControl Panel (Windows)

Data centers

Potential customers often ask us what our relationship with the data centers that we do business with is like.
We are making use of co-location technology at these data centers. This means that we are being provided rack space, up links (data connectivity) and power (A and B feed with UPS backup and generator fail over).

Array of networking
We have been proudly building our comprehensive array of networking and server hardware over the last 20 years. Our hardware is comprehensive and change regularly to accommodate this fast-growing industry. This being said we are happy to provide details of our primary hardware suppliers in order for you to understand our commitment to your service offerings.

Datacentre Location

We are currently situated in the Midrand Data Centre of Xneelo (Pty Ltd).

We are in no way affiliated with Xneelo other than procuring space, data and power.

Don’t have the time or technical expertise to support your hosting clients?

We have the solution!

Our revolutionary NEW offering, WHITE LABEL (SERIOUS) SUPPORT, now puts you in the position to become a reseller, without it taking a huge amount of your time…

Let us support your clients with their email and web based issues or queries, and leave you free to find MORE CLIENTS with LESS HASSLE!


What some of our Resellers have to say

Over the past 6 years I’ve been with about 3 hosting companies and today I regret that I haven’t found Red Cactus before any of them. I have received more support from Ignis at Red Cactus in the 1st week than I ever did with any of the previous hosting companies. Not only is the support fantastic, but their pricing helps my company to save costs and make more profit each month. I believe I’ve finally found a reliable hi host provider that delivers exceptional service at reasonable prices. Keep up the great work Ignis! You have another loyal client that will easily recommend you above any other hosting company.

Lelanie du Plooy (Facebook review)

Red Cactus is simply out of this world. Seldom you’ll find excellence in all levels of a business, nowadays. Red Cactus surprised me with their overall quality of service & value for money. Staff is quick to respond and always try to help, not to mention well-qualified and friendly at that. With that type of crew they cover a vast number of services, not just quality hosting. Five stars and salutations.

Vox Draconis (Google review)

I’ve simply been knocked out of the park by Red Cactus on all fronts. Excellent service and especially tech support, and the pricing is value for money all the way. Staff is always friendly, pleasant and professional, as well as going the extra mile above and beyond the call of duty. Such a breath of fresh air.

Jaco Cilliers (Facebook review)

WOW!!! Now this is the best service i have experienced in a long time. I contacted Red Cactus at around 08h00 this morning asking some questions before selecting a hosting package for my 2 websites. The time now is 14h14 and the transfer of the sites are done, the server is quick and alot of thanks to Mike who was very professional and helped me on every turn with every question throughout this transition.
I want to say to the company i moved from, “You guys can take a page out of this book of Excellent Service”
I look forward to great service and a long relationship as i build my business with Ignis, Mike and the rest of the Red Cactus team.

Peter Nolan (Facebook review)

I have been using Red Cactus since 2014 and their service is always personal (I hate call centers), friendly, fast and effective.
Although they have a large (and growing) client base, I have never felt like just a number. This has been my experience for normal day-2-day business activities and in times when those IT-Gremlins comes to visit. (In the website & email hosting world you are guaranteed of one thing….no matter how much you invest in technology and no matter what precautions you take, at some stage something will break.)
Based on my experience with them in both normal business (which is 99% of the time) and crisis mode, I plan to use them for many years to come as my technology partner to grow my own business.

Pieter-Jan Kruger (Facebook review)

Need more info about Reseller hosting?

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