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We make billing a BREEZE!

Why should I use SERIOUS Reseller Billing?


No installation, fully regional hosted solution.

Completely White Label. Your branding with your domain!

Domain lookup with suggestions

Custom product and domain signup from your site.

Auto billing on domain registration and renewal.

Custom domain renewal notifications to client.

No REGISTRAR signup or fees.

Billing adjustment on upgrade and downgrade of services.

Also available to resellers hosting with other providers.

SeriousBilling currently supports Direct Admin (Linux), SolidCP (Win) and MSPControl Panel (Win).

How does it work?
White Label Billing
You need your own company look and feel together with our billing system to showcase your professionalism. Choose from one of 9 themes and add our own custom HTML header, footer and CSS. With complete flexibility you now have a system that looks the way you want…

Sign up & Log in

The client registers and signs into a branded white label system with your own domain. Signup with Facebook and Email. The system is a hosted solution in your region for rapid response and seamless user experience.

Domain Lookup

Almost all hosting starts with flexibility in domain lookup and suggestions. You have that covered with the flexible and responsive domain lookup feature. Prices are shown to the client in addition to domains already taken in other top level domains.

Add new Email

Authorized clients add their own email addresses with respective sizes and passwords. Forgot password? Not a problem, the client representative resets the email account password themselves!

Client Communication

One of the single biggest complaint towards providers is the lack of relevant communication to their clients. The billing system will keep your client fully aware of all movements. A few crucial examples include; adequate domain renewals, outstanding balances, domain updates, monthly full statement of account, itemized invoicing, hosting changes, SMS for key areas such as password resets and much more.

Manage Personal Details

Clients will manage their own information! No more issues with not receiving an invoice because their email address changed, or mobile number was wrong. Refer your clients to the billing system where they can login and easily update technical contacts, accounting email addresses, contact numbers and more.

Financial Transactions

Resellers constantly need to invoice, receipt, give credit, print statements, send pro-forma documents and quote their clients, to name a few. The system automates all domain renewal notifications with invoices and recurring hosting charges seamlessly with a very simple open-item financial system.

Add New Hosting Package

Let your client add a new hosting product with a very simple and fast wizard-like interface! The cost may be calculated pro-rata and added to their basket for fast online payment processing into your bank account. No delay and update to existing packages and billing changes, as this is done for you!

Tools & Settings

Each Reseller set’s their own preferences, virtual servers, packages and domains. Easily add a new virtual server (hosted anywhere), add a new hosting package with monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual pricing, change the billing cycle and update the domain renewal notification days.

Even more SERIOUS-ly cool features!

Notifications with email and SMS.

Managed suspension warnings with custom layout

Customized Transactions, Statement, Quotes and more

Auto over bandwidth and over disk calculation and invoicing.

Create custom recurring invoices.

Auto billing and provisioning of space on hosting creation.

Pay online with PayFast card integration.

Debit order integration with Netcash.

Manual EFT payment processing and auto receipting.

Reporting for Outstanding Balance, VAT, Debtor Transactions and Clients.

Bulk newsletter with optional external list.

Client self-provisioning of Domains, Hosting and emails.

DirectAdmin, SolidCP and MSPControl integration.

9 Predefined Skins to match your site look and feel.

Custom HTML header, footer with CSS.

Don’t have the time or technical expertise to support your hosting clients?

We have the solution!

Our revolutionary NEW offering, WHITE LABEL (SERIOUS) SUPPORT, now puts you in the position to become a reseller, without it taking a huge amount of your time…

Let us support your clients with their email and web based issues or queries, and leave you free to find MORE CLIENTS with LESS HASSLE!


What our Resellers have to say

Over the past 6 years I’ve been with about 3 hosting companies and today I regret that I haven’t found Red Cactus before any of them. I have received more support from Ignis at Red Cactus in the 1st week than I ever did with any of the previous hosting companies. Not only is the support fantastic, but their pricing helps my company to save costs and make more profit each month. I believe I’ve finally found a reliable hi host provider that delivers exceptional service at reasonable prices. Keep up the great work Ignis! You have another loyal client that will easily recommend you above any other hosting company.

Lelanie du Plooy (Facebook review)

Red Cactus is simply out of this world. Seldom you’ll find excellence in all levels of a business, nowadays. Red Cactus surprised me with their overall quality of service & value for money. Staff is quick to respond and always try to help, not to mention well-qualified and friendly at that. With that type of crew they cover a vast number of services, not just quality hosting. Five stars and salutations.

Vox Draconis (Google review)

I’ve simply been knocked out of the park by Red Cactus on all fronts. Excellent service and especially tech support, and the pricing is value for money all the way. Staff is always friendly, pleasant and professional, as well as going the extra mile above and beyond the call of duty. Such a breath of fresh air.

Jaco Cilliers (Facebook review)

WOW!!! Now this is the best service i have experienced in a long time. I contacted Red Cactus at around 08h00 this morning asking some questions before selecting a hosting package for my 2 websites. The time now is 14h14 and the transfer of the sites are done, the server is quick and alot of thanks to Mike who was very professional and helped me on every turn with every question throughout this transition.
I want to say to the company i moved from, “You guys can take a page out of this book of Excellent Service”
I look forward to great service and a long relationship as i build my business with Ignis, Mike and the rest of the Red Cactus team.

Peter Nolan (Facebook review)

I have been using Red Cactus since 2014 and their service is always personal (I hate call centers), friendly, fast and effective.
Although they have a large (and growing) client base, I have never felt like just a number. This has been my experience for normal day-2-day business activities and in times when those IT-Gremlins comes to visit. (In the website & email hosting world you are guaranteed of one thing….no matter how much you invest in technology and no matter what precautions you take, at some stage something will break.)
Based on my experience with them in both normal business (which is 99% of the time) and crisis mode, I plan to use them for many years to come as my technology partner to grow my own business.

Pieter-Jan Kruger (Facebook review)